This week's interview

Ep 24: Should Christians be involved in Politics? – Pr Alexa Ho (PJEFC)

Jesus wasn’t involved in politics, so the Church should not be involved in politics as well. After all, Jesus’ concern was the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of this world. This begs the divisive questions: Should Christians be involved in politics? What has the gospel got to do with politics? In this short interview, the articulate Pastor Alexa Ho put to rest these and many other questions about Christian involvement in politics.

Song: Is Anyone Out There? – Josh Yeoh (
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This Week's Sermon

Ep 24: Foundations – Pr Dan Millest (Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang)

Like it or not, storms strike our lives, sometimes shaking us to our core. But if you have a strong foundation, you won’t be smitten. And how can you ensure your foundation can withstand turbulence of life’s troubles? Dan Millest tells you how through Jesus’ story of the wise and foolish builder.

Song: “Kasih” – Julia Pong (CDPC)
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Our 2nd video is up!
Rhema Radio and friends come together to cover Nichole Nordeman’s Why – telling the greatest story of sacrifice and redemption through the eyes of a child. We hope it speaks to you as it did to us.


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