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This Week's Interview

Talks #100: The Youths’ Role in Nationbuilding

Song:  BWCC Worship – Milikmu (Duniaku)

For our 100th episode, we talk to YB Dr Ong Kian Ming (Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry)How has things changed post GE14? How CAN things change for the better? And what role can the church play? Also! Greetings from listeners!

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“Noel” – Rhema Radio & Friends X Volt Ministry Unity Project video!
Rhema Radio & friends keep the tradition started 2 years ago. In collaboration of  members of 14 churches.

FEATURING : Alfred Cheong (Collective KL), Darlene Brubaker (Cdpckl), Elena Koshy (C3 Bandar Puteri), Elijah Chan (Acts Church), Elisa Jones (Full Gospel Assembly), Eugene See (CDPC), Isabel Chan (Acts), Joe Loy (HTBB Church), Lemuel Yee (Victory Centre), Megan Mak (SIBKL), Onn Tjoe (FGAKL), Rochelle Tucker (CDPC Puchong), Teh Khyenn (Acts), Tim Lim (Faith Christian Centre), Victor Gee (Victor G Ministries), Winnie Chua (Collective)
PAINTER : Alex Au Yong (Kingdomcity Kuala Lumpur) | DRUMMER : Billy Wong (SGC) | DANCERS : Lis Paran, Sarah Jane, Fiana Wenson, Mikkey Wenson (Grace PJ) | SHOFAR : Cory Chan Tabernacle of David (Kuala Lumpur)
MUSIC ARRANGEMENT : Alex Martin (Acts Church) | RECORDING, MIX & MASTER : Moses Chan (Prodio Studio)
VIDEO PRODUCTION : VOLT Ministry by SGCKL 尊荣教会 & Maxit360 (Eric Lim, Dominic Tham, Billy Wong, Ivan Lim, Adam Low) | LIGHTS : Justin Chan | GRAPHICS : Murphy Chan | MAKE UP : Sarah Kwok (FGAKL)
COORDINATOR : Joelle Kwok (FGAKL), Hsien Li (DUMC) | EXEC PRODUCER : Jason Ding
SPECIAL THANKS TO : Paul Wong & Mega Star Arena


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