This week's sermon

Mid Week Service #72 : Power of a Principled Life

Pr Ramachandran Muniandy (Kingdomcity) What does it mean to live a principled life? We learn from the life of Joseph who was faithful (in stewardship), obedient (to the Voice/Word) and boldness to stand (alone). How does this truth impact our life and our land?

Song: PMM SIB Sabah – PanggilanMu

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This Week's Interview

Talks at Rhema Radio #72: The Youths’ Role in Nationbuilding

How do younger Malaysians (between 21-30) view politics in this country? What should they know? Here are some guiding thoughts.

Song: Beat The System – Be Your Own

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Our 3rd video is up!
Rhema Radio and friends come together to do a Christmas this Christmas classic.

FEATURING : Andy Saedah, Ashley Seah, Bobby, Brett Daniels Yuta, Charity Lee, Chris Lee, Cristina Matthias, Dana Lee, David Lopez, Elizabeth Joseph, Elton Brandon Philip, Immanuel Joseph, Mary Robin, May Jee, Nelly Yawasang, Rhod, Timothy, Tommy Thai (from CDPC, Canning Garden Baptist, FGA KL, Pantai Baptist, BWCC, Kajang AOG, Charis Christian Center, SIB Life, City Tabernacle, New Life Restoration Centre)
Recorded & mixed: Moses Chan, Prodio Studio & Veronica Ng
VIDEO PRODUCTION : Creatives and Director: Jeffery Yeo | Director of Photography: CY | 2nd Cam: Dante Tee | Art Director: Sammy Liew | Lead Producer: Aaron Chin | Floor Manager: Sara-Jane Har | Offline Editor: Eddie Lam | Online Editor: CY
Executive Producers: Jason Ding, Adeline Lum | Special thanks: Timothy Teoh


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